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19-21 Saloniki –
21/6 – 500 ANARCHISTS IN Copenhagen demonstrate in solidarity with demo. During demo an agency involved in immigrant deportations is attacked.
22/6 – Gathering outside Saloniki court attacked by police.
23/6 – Solidarity demo in Gradz, Austria.
24/6 – In Berlin 9 activists occupy Greek embassy and are subsequently arrested.
27/6 – Berlin - demo outside Greek embassy.
28/6 – Berlin - concert and discussion.
25/6 – Madrid - concert in front of Greek tourist office by Anarchist Black Cross.
26/6 – Crete, Rethymno (town where Castro lives) – solidarity demo of immigrants, refugees and anarchists from all over Crete.
27/6 – Valencia - solidarity public meeting with music, banners, fliers etc.
27/6 – Patras - same thing.
28/6 – London
28/6 – Lesbos island - concert, benefit.
28/6 – Xante, Greece - demo.
28/6 – Kavala, Greece - concert.
28/6 – Arta – demonstration.
30/6 – Milan - demo in front of Greek consulate.
30/6 – Iraclio, Crete - Discussion and video at Evangelismos squat.
3/7 Saloniki – arson attack with gas canisters on car belonging to social security office. Claimed with these words ‘Prisons burn bodies and souls but enraged hearts will stay alive. Free the 7 prisoners of Saloniki June 21’.
4/7 – Argostoli – outdoor meeting with banners, music system, counter-information etc.
4/7 – Amsterdam - symbolic attack against Greek tourist offices. Red paint thrown, ‘Free Saloniki prisoners’ sprayed.
5/7 – Amsterdam - During the night the windows of above offices were broken. Fliers were left taking responsibility and promising to proceed to direct action if prisoners are not released.
5/7 – London - solidarity gig.
6/7 – Avola - Demo outside Avola juvenile prison. 100 anarchists, antiauthoritarians and autonoms gather outside Avlona prison for minors (50kms from Athens) where 2 of Thessaloniki demonstrators are being held. They take the guards and police by surprise, make a demo around the prison shouting slogans that the prisoners could hear, waving red and blackflags above the fences and writing FREEDOM on the gate and walls.
7/7 Saloniki, Ayos Pavlos, ‘anarchist commando group’ claim responsibility for Molotov attack on cash machine outside town hall. ‘The struggle for the 7 prisoners continues’.
8/7 – Athens, Saloniki 2003 movement march to Pasok building.
8/7 - Solidarity benefit in Villa Amalias.
8/7 – Turin- Discussion and benefit at the Asilo.
12/7 – Turin - discussion and benefit at San Maurizio squat.
9/7 – Solidarity benefit concert in Propilia square, in the centre of Athens.
9/7 – Saloniki - concert inside university by anti-authoritarian solidarity assembly.
10/7 – Day of international solidarity.
Athens - ‘proletarian solidarity’ arson attack using gas canisters against offices of ‘management of community resources’ institute which manages financial packages from the European Union.
Turin – 150 people surround Greek consulate.
Rome – concert outside Greek tourist offices and embassy.
Buenos Aires – demo to Greek embassy.
Burgos, Spain – demo outside local government building.
Madrid - 150 people demonstrate outside foreign ministry.
London – Demo outside tourist office and Olympic airways.
Gradz – march in Austria
Majorca – demonstration.
Leon, Spain – demonstration.
Demos outside embassies and consulates in Bilbao, Brussels, Malaga and Palermo.
Anversa - leafletting in streets by Anarchist Black Cross.
Triests - leafletting in streets by Germinal group.
Eraclyte – meeting in piazza with music, banners, leafletting etc.
Patras – banners outside courthouse ‘No hostages in the hands of the State, Solidarity with Saloniki prisoners’.
Saloniki – motorbikes and cars make noisy demo to the prison.
Athens – demo to European Union building.
Cyprus – concentration with banner, leaflets.
11/7 – Barcelona – demo outside Greek consulate.
Alicante, Valencia, solidarity demo for Saloniki and Valencia prisoners.

13/7 – ‘As long as police fabricate stories and convict innocent people they will find us in the way.’ Accompanies Molotov attack against Z Group garage for fixing police motorbikes.
16/7 – ‘Anarchist enrages’ claim responsibility for attack on Alpha bank, Athens, saying the action is in solidarity with prisoners in Saloniki. ‘State repression won’t remain unanswered. Freedom to all hostages of the State.’
16/7 – Trieste – Manifesto ‘The Fire is Spreading Everywhere’ distributed in Trieste, Italy.
19/7 – Rovereto, Italy – Distribution of material on the Saloniki summit, prison and repression ‘To the Insurgents of the Will to Live’. ‘Out now those arrested in Saloniki. Solidarity with those who struggle against power. May the barricades of the social revolt spread. Violence to the violence of the State.’
End of July – Paris – solidarity concert attacked by police.
International solidarity day no 2.
2’8 – Saloniki – ‘Uncontrolled pyromaniacs’ claim arson attack on Aspis Security car in solidarity with 7 prisoners and revolutionaries of 17 November and ELA.
22/8 - Athens – ‘Circle of Rage’ arson attack on agency of national bank in suburbs of Nea Philadelphia. ‘Free the Saloniki prisoners’
29/8 – Commercial bank agency’s cash machine and bank entrance destroyed in arson attack ‘in solidarity with arrested in Saloniki’.
29/8 – Arson attack against bank in Perissos suburb claimed by ‘children of fire’, in solidarity with Saloniki prisoners and popular fighters of 17 November. They also claim responsibility for burning the National Bank on August 13.
29/8 –Saloniki - anarchists occupy radio stations and read messages of solidarity.
3/9 – Saloniki - spontaneous demo.
4 – Saloniki - public meeting with music, banners etc
5 – Saloniki - demo with motorbikes and cars to prison.
6 – Saloniki - big demo in city centre. 500-strong anarchist block in mobilisation against prime minister’s speech at annual opening of international expo.
13/9 – Athens – Banners, leaflets, music, speeches in public meeting in Propilia square. Meeting at university.
6/9 – Saloniki – attack with molotovs against Eurobank in Saloniki by ‘June 21’ group. ‘We demand the immediate release of the prisoners of June 21’.
16/9 – Barcelona – comrades arrested, accused, among other things of sending a letter bomb to the Greek embassy in Madrid on 8 September.
20/9 – Kavala – solidarity demo. 30 anarchists and anti-authoritarians occupy radio station Kavala antenna.
20/9 – Patra – anarchists show Turkish film about isolation cells ‘Silent Death’.
21/9 – Kavala - outdoor meeting with banners etc, film shown about Saloniki.
21/9 – Patra – solidarity demo.
19/20/21 Barcelona, 3 days solidarity actions:19/20 Film, food at Makabra and Lokeria squats; 22/9 – demo outside Greek consulate, street blocked. Savagely attacked by police.
19/20/21 – Madrid – Theatre, puppets, demo on 21st.
21/9 – Malaga – solidarity organised by CNT.
21/9 – Sofia, Bulgaria – National Solidarity day. Anarchist demo to Greek embassy.
21/9 – Gradz, Austria – solidarity benefit.
21/9 – demo of anarchist assembly to Avlona prison for minors where 2 of the 7 are being held.
22/9 – Saloniki – Fire caused by gas canisters at entrance to Phoenix Security Company. Group called ‘uncontrollable Nuclei’ call for release of the 7 prisoners. 24/9 – Komotini, near Greek border. Concentration. Banners in Greek, Russian and Turkish.
23/9 – Athens West – concentration in suburb Liosia.
25/9 – Athens - Demo of anarchist assembly – thousands of anarchists present.
26/9 – Amsterdam – huge solidarity concert.
26/9 – 25 anarchists in San Francisco march to Greek consulate and occupy reception.
29/9 – Helsinki – solidarity demo to Greek embassy.
20/9 – Mitilini, Lesbos – solidarity concert.
21/9 – Xanthi – discussion and veidoe.
Lamia – concentration in public square, banners, music, etc. Letters from prison read out.
21/9 – Saloniki, university anti-authoritarians and anarchists organise assembly with films, video and concert.
27 – Anarchist block in solidarity with 7 inside mobilisation against war in Irak.
30/9 – Kavala – solidarity concert and benefit.
30/9 – Athens – Association of Workers for Social Revolt carry out ‘Post-midnight slalom in solidarity with the prisoners in Saloniki and the fighters of 17 November and ELA’ claim a succession of firebomb attacks on political parties premises, the house of an MP, a university professor’s house – five attacks one after the other in protest against the Olympics and demanding the liberation of the comrades arrested during the counter-summit and the 6 Spanish anarchists arrested. Solidarity with 17th November and Revolutionary Popular Struggle prisoners is also expressed. Later, fire from 5 gas cannisters and can of petrol devastates home of TV journalist Anna Panayiotarea Plakawho excelled herself in sensational reporting of the latter
1/10 – exhibition of Kastro’s paintings from prison in a café, then at Facta Non Verba group’s place.
2/10 – Chania, Crete – Crete solidarity initiative occupy Prefecture of Chania in solidarity with prisoners and Kastro’s hunger strike. Stayed from morning till 6 p.m., ending with demo in the city centre.
4/10 - Malaga – CNT organise solidarity actions.
5/10 – Fernando, Carlo and Simon begin hunger strike. ‘The comrades held hostage by the Greek State during the meeting of the ministers of the European Union last July 21 in Saloniki have decided to begin from today an unlimited hunger strike in protest against the arbitrary duration of their imprisonment. As has already been said on other occasions, a hunger strike does not make sense if it is not supported outside by a situation of permanent conflict. The present repressive situation can only be overcome by clashing, face to face, with the structures and individuals who produce this repression. Victimism, the distinction between good and bad anarchists, the gossip in the bars of the alternative ghetto and other bullshit, are all part of the repressive mechanism put into act by the State and Capital. […] Let us show them that they are not alone. Social war for anarchy.’ Anarchist groups and individuals of Burgos, Spain.
5/10 – London – action at Tower Bridge where ‘magician’ David Blaine is suspended from a crane in a glass box, fasting for44 days for the sum of 4,000,000 pounds. They dropped a banner over the other side of the bridge, upon which media rushed to film it. Later that day the film of police substituting Simon’s bag for a sack of molotovs was transmitted on national TV.
6/10 – CNT militants and members of solidarity committee announce they will begin relay hunger strikes in front of foreign ministry.
6/10 – London – demo outside Greek embassy.
8/10 – ?Saloniki 50 anarchists occupy State radio station.
8/10 – Spiros begins hunger strike in Avata prison.
8/10 – intervention inside technical college by anarchist pupils.9/10 – occupation of Macedonian press agency.
9/10 – Heraclito, Crete, radio station occupied.
15/10 – Athens – Journalists’ union premises occupied, banners hung, unsuccessful attempts to send faxes and emails. Next day national dailies report action and publish leaflets in full.
9/10 – Heraclio – 40 comrades occupy ‘Radio Crete’ station. In Salonika antiauthoritarians take over the Macedonian news agency and cut the power supply in the building thus interrupting the sending of information. The piece written by the occupation is signed by ‘breakers of the social web’, ‘internal enemy’ ‘machine’, provocators of peaceful sleep and comrades. On the 17/10 there was an occupation of the youth information centre New Generation secreterral by the same groups.
10/10 – Karala – solidarity concert at the self-managed place at TEI (Institute of Technology).
18/10 – Chania – Antiauthoritarians in solidarity organise concert in the town market square.
21/10 – Heraclio at the Evangelismos squat, an event showing films and giving information on the hunger strike. The event was transferred the next day to the university in Knosou.
21/10 - Saloniki solidarity motorcycle demo of 150 comrades.
Anarchist and antiauthoritarian intervention for the seven in Patiskun Street, in front of ASOE university in Athens. Leaflets given out, buses blocked and covered in slogans demanding freedom to the 7. A similar intervention was done 23/10 in Solonou Street, in front of the law school..
22/10 – comrades occupy the radio station 87.7 in Athens.
23/10 – The board for minor criminal offences declines bail for the seven.
21/23/10 – A three day solidarity event for the 7 organised at Villa Amalias. 1st day film showing and information at the squat, 2nd concert at the polytechnic and 3rd concert at Villa Amalias.
20-24/10 – Solidarity events and financial support in Vienna.
24/10 - CNT anarchists in Madrid continue their ongoing hunger strike that began 5/10 outside the foreign ministry. A symbolic hunger strike takes place at Aranguez.
24/10 ‘ Solidarity gathering in Saragosa and event at CNT space.
24/10 – Valencia - as a sign of solidarity to the imprisoned fighters of Salonica, unknowns seal with padlocks the entrances of police stations and a court house in Burgos.
25/10 – Gathering at Greek consulates in Barcelona and Kouronia by local CNT.
25/10 – Athens - Monastiraki, happening by autonomous meeting place and the group virus.
27/10 – London - gathering at the Greek embassy.
29/10 – Athens - Radio station Rock FM 96,9 occupied by 40 comrades. They transmit a solidarity and counter information program from CD for the imprisoned fighters lasting one hour.
Larisa – Athens - during a speech by the athletic vice-minister G. Liane at an event for the Olympics, 40 people hang a banner ‘Misery, drugs and concrete is the reason for the Olympics’ and ‘Freedom to the Saloniki 7’ and shout slogans. Police intervene, a small riot ensues.
30/10 – Solidarity gathering and counter information at Propilea (university administration) by Anarchist Initiative.
31/10 – Salonica - a 3 day hunger strike started by comrades of Kastro, Simon and Karlos (Antonia, Milen and Nerea) Their initiative is backed by other comrades, in solidarity with the hunger strikers. At Kamares there was music, speeches, leaflets handed out, street theatre, movies etc.
31/10 – Athens - student general meeting decide on occupation of the dept of communications as a token of solidarity to the Saloniki 7..
31/10 - Patras – Information gathering about the 7 by the autonomous anti-authoritarian group.
1/11 – Volos – Solidarity event for the 7 with briefing from the legal team showing movies from the ‘social doubt and common action’.
3/11 – Norwich - a week of solidarity events for the 7 begins with gathering at the town hall, leafletting and symbolic hunger strike.
3-4/11 – Hunger striker Karlos Martinez is transferred to St Pauls’ hospital in Salonica. There he is tortured by hooded cops of the EKAM and employees. During the night he was left ?? with handcuffs, naked in a room with window wide open and was hit every time he tried to sleep. Nest morning he was transferred to Hipokration hospital by EKAM with an armed escort of anti-terrorist vehicles. Due to his abuse and the refusal, by the police, to let him see his lawyers he refuses to be tested and is taken back to the prison.
3/11 – Barcelona - 70 entrances to 29 metro stations are sabotaged. At each point, leaflets saying ‘They are not alone’ are left. The doors are sealed in solidarity for the Salonica prisoners’ ‘Immediate Release’. The police arrest two comrades accused of possession of silicon. They are released the following day after being beaten at the police station and charged for damages.
4/11 - Gathering and solidarity march in Militilini.
4/11 - Rethymno video projection, poster display at the student centre and a march from the city town hall. Kastro’s drawings are exhibited at the Youth Centre on the 30-31/10, 3-4/11 and on 4,5,6,/11 at the Catholic Church in Chania.
5/11 – As a sign of protest for Karlos’ illtreatment 40 antiauthoritarians occupied the office of the hospital manager of St Pauls.
6/11 – Salonica 40 antiauthoritarian/anarchists occupy the ‘Athens 2004’ offices. Event at Macedonia university from the solidarity committee with participation of members of the Aragothes CNT, Wombles from London the legal team and the Rethimnos immigrants ‘steki’ (meeting place). The event is repeated with the same speakers in Athens on 8/11 by the anti-authoritarian movement, and the collaborators against State terrorism. March in Athens by leftist groups, the antiauthoritarian movement and other groups.
Hraklio – event at Evangelismos occupation and solidarity march.
Yasilis Georgates begins a 10 day hunger strike in solidarity with the 7.
7/11 – Saloniki – Two incendiary devices cause damage to a bank and a government car.
7/11 - Saloniki the 5 hunger strikers are transferred to Hipocratio and then to Papanicolau where they are treated in the same way under police surveillance.
7/11 march in Saloniki called by the antui-authoritarian general meeting of solidarity, the groups ‘inner enemy’ ‘machine and solidarity committee, with 1500 participating. Gantrer member of the antiauthoritarian movement occupied the coordination office of the research committee at the ATO Polytechnic.
- The anarchist general meeting in Kerkura organised events with video projection and briefing on the events of the EU summit, the imprisonment of the 7 and the hunger strike.
- Comrades from the solidarity initiative in Crete occupy the Heraklio town hall for many hours demanding the immediate release of the 7.
- 30 anarchists/antiauthoritarianas occupy the Karala town hall as a token of solidarity to the 7. 4 days later, a, OPKE cop beat a comrade whom he identified as one of the occupiers.
- 8/11 Solidarity march from Monastirak to Propilia called by anarchist collectives and comrades from Athens.
- 150 anarchist/antiauthoritarians block railway line at Agious Anargurous for 45 minutes, delaying the Athens-Saloniki train.
- Gathering outside the Greek ambassador’s house in London. In Sheffield and Indymedia event. Anarchists organise an event in Cardiff/Wales.
- Bilbao. The freedom collective of the country of Vaskon organised a two day event and march, while on 14-16/11 there was a symbolic hunger strike.
- 10/11 – Patras - occupation of Antenna and Sport FM radio stations.
- 10/11 – Prisoners at Avlona juvenil prison Michalis T. and Demetris F. begin a symbolic 7 day hunger strike.
- 10-17/11 – The 5 hunger strikers held at Papanicolau hospital did a one day thirst strike in protest against their conditions of detention. On 11/10, they were transfer commenced to Koridalos prison in Athens. 2 hunger strikers were transferred by ambulance, the other 3 in riot vans, where they were harassed by the police escort. The five were taken to the prison hospital at Koridalos and later Fernando was transferred to Nikea hospital. Outside the prisons 2 people were arrested on charges of filming. The one was held 14/11 and the other released with limiting conditions.
- The coordination office of Crete university is occupied in Rethymno.
- In Athens the rector’s office in Panteios university and in Icarala, the administration offices of TEI institute of technology are occupied.
- The same evening 80 anarchists/antiauthori-hhhtarians gathered outside the hospital Nikeas which was guarded by MAT platoons. Slogans were shouted in both Greek and Spanish sending the message of solidarity to Fernando’s room/cell. During the comrades’ departure, the MAT moved to disperse them. The motor demo returned to Athens and salogans were shouted outside the Pasok (main left wing party) at Tricoupis street.
- In London there was a gathering outside the Greek embassy, whilst at night a person in solidarity to the 7 infiltrated a reception by the Greek ambassador and the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, threw stink bombs and attempted to take the microphone during the speech of the cultural followers before the embassy security intervened.
- An event took place in Colchester.
8/11 - 9/11 - Saloniki - gathering at the hospital entrance which was surrounded by a platoon of military police. (MAT)
- 12/11 – 200 anarchists-antiauthoritarians make a demo with motorbikes and cars across the centre of Athens. The first stop is Koridallos prison, guarded by strong presence of riot cops, wherCarlos, Simon, Kastro and Tsitsas are held. They dismount and, waving black and red flags shout slogans of solidarity to be heard inside the prison. Next stop, Nikaia hospital, where Fernando is being held, almost in coma. Access to hospital is blocked by scores of riot cops. A brief demo is held there, shouting slogans, then the demo returns through the centre of Athens followed by 2 riot-police vans and motorcycle-police force “Z”. In Kolonaki, the most bourgeois part of the centre, the cops’ van got stuck in small streets and comrades made it to right outside the prime minister’s residence. The PM’s security panicked and started running around, while anarchists closed the street in front, shouting FREE THE 7 – DEATH TO THE BOSSES – FREE ALL PRISONERS – THE PASSION FOR FREEDOM IS STRONGER THAN ALL PRISONS. Passersby and neighbours were completely taken by surprise. Nothing like this had ever happened before. When the riot cops got to the spot – on foot – they started tear gassing, but comrades were already leaving so they ended up gassing each other.. As they left the rich Kolonaki area, anarchists stopped in front of the cafes shouting WE WILL EAT THE BOURGEOIS BOILED AND THE BUREAUCRATS ROASTED WITH POTATOES. This spontaneous event got vast coverage on radio and television and the case of the hunger finally reached the main news.
- . Kastro’s exhibition of paintings begun at Ash in Athens.
- In Salonika there was a solidarity gathering outside the courts where new claims for release were made.In Yianera anarchists intervened at a local radion station.
- 12-13/11 – Larissa. Intervention at TEI by anarchists and others in solidarity.
- 13/11 – Solidarity march in Patra. Occupation of radio station PMI in Lamia.
- In Rethymno there was an occupation of PM Team station. In Heraklio Alpla radio, in Chania EPA Chanian. In Komotini, there was a symbolic occupation of the dean’s building at DPO by the selforganised Komotini collective and intervention at the city’s main square.In Yianena the open solidarity meeting called for a gathering, while a symbolic hunger strike began in Nomarchia. In Volos there was an occupation of ‘Thesalia’ newspaper office.
- 14/11 Saloniki – 50 anarchists occupied the local Thasoic offices. During their departure they were attacked by the MAT who threw chemicals, beat up and arrested a comrade who was later released.
- In Rethimnas there was an occupation at the Town hall and a 4 day hunger began. In Xanthi the Cosmetia of the Polytechnic school was occupied and the local radion station ‘Pretty City’. Occupation in Volos of the local Pasok offices. Cops wrote down the details of the occupiers and led 2 of them to the police station. Counter-information intervention at the electricity station in Pireas.
- Anarchist gathering in different cities in Poland at the Greek embassy in Warsaw.
- Banner hanging in Istanbul by the earth liberation prisoners solidarity.
- Occupation of the Greek consulate in Paris by members of many solidarity groups from different countries and gatherings outside the Greek embassy and the Olympic offices. In London there was an event and a MarchAt the Greek embassy in Malta a ??? of collectives of artists and people asking for the release of the 7 is handed in.
- 15/11 Comrades ‘barged in’ courts in Herakleo and wrote slogans for the 7.
- March in Saloniki by 500 people with a banner saying ‘the right is on the side of the rebels’
- 16/11 – Herakleo – comrades open a banner during the opening of student halls of residence by the minister of eduction P. Evthimiou and threw eggs at him and his guard.
- Kanlos Martinez and Spiros Tsitsas are transferred to the generasl hospitsl Nikeas.
- 17/11 – solidarity actions (see pp. 3-4)
- 17/11 – Clashes in the evening outside the American embassy in Athens during a huge demonstration commemorating the insurrection at the Polytechnic in 1973 that marked the beginning of the fall of the dictatorship of the colonels. The police threw tear gas after demonstrators attacked platoons of riot cops.
- 18/11 Counter information intervention at Dafni. Soldarity actions in Edinburgh, Scotland.
- Karlos and Spiros are led back to the prison hospital in Koridalos.
- 19/11 – Anarchists occupied the Parartematas? Building at Patra university. In Chania 80 leftists and anti-authoritarians throw eggs at the minister of finance Christodoulakis, shouting slogans of solidarity to the 7. A good informative programme for the 7 at the alternative radion station Orange in Vienna.
- 20/11 – Athens – Ongoing occupation at the university admin building (page 6), solidarity march by leftists organisation antiauthoritarian movement and others. Solidarity group ‘visited’ the health ministry, threw red paint on the walls and wrote ‘the hunger strikers are dying, the ministry of health consents’. Even in Komotini.
- Spiros Tsitsas at Nikea hospital.
- 21/11 – Solidarity march in Barcelona. In Madrid a group of people in solidarity chained themselves to the entrance of the Greek embassy. 4 comrades were arrested and released the next day. In London there was an occupation of the Greek embassy and EOT offices. One person was arrested and indited for breach of the peace. Gathering at the Greek consulate in ?Gandi.In Monteal, in a march against the FTAA, comrades open a banner of solidarity to the 7. Demonstration in Chania.
- 22/11 – Organised antirepression march in Lausanne takes the character of solidarity to the 7.
- Karlos is transferred to Nikea hospital.
- 23/11 – In Dublin comrades announce that they will initiate a symbolic hunger strike. Event in Leeds, England.
- From the morning 20/11 the admin building at Propilaia was occupied, creating a residence of resistance and counter-information in the centre of Athens for the 7 and the dvelopments of the hunger strike.
- 3rd announcement, Sat 22/11
By decision of the general meeting, an occupation has commenced at the administration building in solidarity to the 7 imprisoned fighters of Salonika, requesting their immediate release has continued for a third day. 5 of the 7 prisoners awaiting trial, prosecuted for the events of resistance on March 21st June against the European Summit in Salonika have been on hunger strike for many days and their health is at a critical point. Fernando Peres and Karlos Martinez are on the 49th day of hunger strike, Spiros Tstitsas who is on his 46th day are being treated captives at the Nikea general hospital. From moment to moment Kastro … and Simon Chapman will be transferred to Koridalos prison who are on their 63rd and 49th days of hunger strike respectively. Their prolonged incarceration by the Greek State corresponds toan attempt of political and physical annihilation of fighters who are claiming their freedom, with their life as their only weapon. It is in addition a message to terrorise anyone who resists the nightmarish designs of authority, to the wars and ‘peace’ that distribute death, breed exploitation and repression. On moment of resistance against this reality were the incidences of resistance in June in the police held Salonika, where thousands of people acted against the fiesta of the political bosses of Europe, moving away from the logic of repression, (…)

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